About Dan

Helping you leverage your assets and build a successful business through hands-off franchising.

Who is Dan

Dan has helped hundreds of individuals start their own businesses through development of small business ideas and the power of franchising. Dan teaches people how to leverage what they have now to build successful businesses through franchising. The many he has served have done billions of dollars in sales, created thousands of jobs, and have built mini empires. He continues to be the authority on growing sustainable, highly profitable businesses through the franchise model.

More about Dan

After 25 years of living in Arizona, Dan Olsen moved to the cooler weather of the mountains of Utah. He enjoys making great memories with his wife, nine children and spouses and of course the grandchildren.

For over 40 years Dan has volunteered at the local community level to support those individuals needing help. During many of those years he has given 20 to 30 hours per week of volunteer work. He currently serves at a non-profit employment center to help individuals find employment or start their own business.

​Dan is an athlete and coach. He had the opportunity to participate in sports at the university level. He is currently training to run the 50 and 100 meters at the world senior games at an international level. He also has coached track and field for many years. He is currently a track and field coach at a local high school where he coaches over 60 sprinters and hurdlers.​

Dan loves music and has performed for small groups and enjoys participating in and watching musical performances. He was fortunate to sing the lead vocal for the song, If You Leave Me Now, with his favorite band, Chicago on stage at one of their concerts.​

Dan really enjoys being an author and speaker and teaching others new business strategies and personal development.

The man with the power to change your life.

  • Developed The Master Franchise System which is a solution for businesses to expand from just a few locations to hundreds in only 5 years.
  • Instrumental in building up several of the fastest growing franchise brands and business licensing opportunities in the nation.
  • Has helped over 100 brands get started in franchising their businesses or growing franchises.
  • Introduced the master franchise system to the brand: Massage Envy, and helped them grow from 4 to 600 locations. They went on to reach 1150 locations and a billion and a half in sales.
  • Worked with Fantastic Sam's Hair Salon to expand to 1300 locations.
  • Built the worlds largest master franchise consulting business doing over $8,000,000 in sales.
  • Has helped thousands of people get into their own business in the world of franchising as well as start other small businesses; resulting in billions of dollars in sales and the creation of tens of thousands of jobs for the economy.

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